Are you ready to part with your pre-owned designer goodies? Interested in consignment? If so, PYRAMODE is here to help!

Most consignment shops typically pay their consignors a mere 30%-50% of the final selling price for their treasured goodies. If the idea of a consignment shop keeping 70% of the cost for an item that YOU bought makes you feel ill, it absolutely should. Let’s be real, you deserve much more!

We feel that consigning and recycling your pre-owned designer items shouldn’t be so painful, and that you deserve to have more funds to buy the new items on your wish list. PYRAMODE has pledged to not only give you 65%-70% (depending on the value of them item) of the final selling price (minus any associated fees) but also to donate a % of our fees to a charitable organization of your choosing. Take a peek at the charities that we support and join us in our commitment to Shop it Forward.

Here’s how it works:

1)      Request a consignment agreement via e-mail at along with a brief description (and pictures if available) of the items you’d like to consign.

2)      Mail us the agreed upon items with the signed agreement.

3)      PYRAMODE lists your items for sale.

4)      We’ll mail you a check when your item sells and ask you which charity you’d like to support.

Consider this your invitation. Request a consignment form today by contacting us.